Josephine Murphy

As Interviewed by Marco Martinez, March 18, 2017
"That case to really stood out to me because we should have been past that a long time ago where people display hatred among each other because of race, especially when it went on to their property and near their home."
Josephine Murphy

Introductory Profile: About Josephine Murphy

I interviewed Josephine Murphy, I know her because she is my grandmother. She was the oldest in a large hispanic family and she has faced discrimination many times in her life. When she was young she had to pick crops in the field. She then later moved to Texas from California and became a part of the Texas Commission on Human Rights for 14 years to fight against discrimination. She is a older woman who now lives in California and is very passionate about this topic.

The topics covered in the interview were what she did as the Director of the Texas Commission on Human Rights. She briefly talked about a Mayor in East Texas who was being discriminated against because her children were African-American. The tone of this interview is one where the interviewee is talking a lot and has a lot of information, but a very serious exchange about something she was passionate about.