Paula Rojas

As Interviewed by Eabha Contreras, March 6, 2017
"And so we now know, there's even research proving that just living through everyday racism, especially if you're a black person (but where it's much more obvious than if you're a latino or an asian person), when you're a black person, everyday interactions with racist comments, looks, or you go to the store any they think you want to shoplift even though you have plenty of money, or just the way that they're constantly treating you, that stress makes you inside just feel that grrrrr, you know!"
Paula Rojas

Introductory Profile: About Paula Rojas

Paula Rojas is a family friend who I have known all my life. She is a strong, kind and independent woman. She came to the U.S.A. with her family when she was young. She met her partner, Eric, in New York and they had their first child, Xue -Li, before moving to Austin. Here she had her second child, Camino. Now, she works for Mama Sana/ Vibrant Woman, originally a non profit organization, but now she is paid by the government to do what she once did as a volunteer.

Paula Rojas is a midwife in Texas and works with a free health care choice / organization called Mama Sana / Vibrant Woman. She helps woman of color have a free natural childbirth and takes care of them more than the hospitals do. Mama Sana / Vibrant Woman takes time to get to know each patient, making sure they are happy and well. They also do exercises and trainings to prepare the women for the births.

Paula Rojas explains how racism and assumptions affect the child and mother during pregnancy. She also faced a traumatic experience with her daughter, Xue-Li.She says this and the experience she had as a Chilean child in the U.S.A. inspired her choice to join Mama Sana /Vibrant Woman. Paula Rojas has a strong desire to help immigrant women, such as herself, in search of better lives.