Public Service and Volunteerism:

Walter "Skip" Frick Cox

As Interviewed by Miloni Patel, March 20, 2017
"Being in the military gives you a chance to serve something bigger than yourself."

Introductory Profile: About Walter "Skip" Frick Cox

I interviewed my uncle Walter “Skip” Frick Cox on military lifestyle and his personal and family experiences in the military. SKip Cox served in the Us Army as an officer, serving the country bravely for four years from 1995- 1999 in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). He was stationed in Fort Benning Georgia (about 100 miles south of Atlanta) from May 1995- Dec 1995 and then he was stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky (about 40 miles northwest of Nashville, TN) from Dec 1995- July 1999. Skip Cox has had a history through generations of his family being in the military, his father fought in the Vietnam War, his grandfather fought in World War 2, and his great-grandfather fought in the Civil War. Skip voluntarily joined the military not from family pressure, but from the desire to serve the country and be part of a disciplined group ready to sacrifice their life to serve something bigger than themselves.

Skip was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant May 1995, promoted to 1st Lieutenant June 1997, and promoted to Captain July 1999. When Skip Cox was in the military, he was separated from his newly-wed wife, Monica, and decided to retire from the military and become an honored veteran to start a family. Now Skip has a family with his wife and four children, Alexander, Jackson, Kiran, and Rayan in New Jersey and works from home as a architect. Although Skip never fought in a war like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather, he went through vigorous training which required a lot of mental and physical strength/determination, and he was always ready to go and risk his life to fight. He handled the responsibility of the soldiers he commanded, sacrificed some luxuries and family life, and truly believed that fighting for the country was worth it.

When I asked Skip what he thought his greatest accomplishment in the military was he said, “I don’t like to think of it as being one specific accomplishment but the army depends on people who are willing to put the uniform on, willing to train and train hard, to perform a very difficult and dangerous job, and when they are called willing to go away from their homes and their families, and possibly risk their lives to fight for what the country thinks is important. To be able to do that on a day to day basis, is an accomplishment within itself for anyone who had served in the military to be proud of”. My Uncle Skp Cox in my eyes was a true hero, for not just what he did but what he believed in.