Baskaran Sundaram

As interviewed by Sidharth Baskaran, March 15, 2017
"Many people, including me were not able to get to work on time, or not at all."
Baskaran Sundaram

Introductory Profile: About Baskaran Sundaram

Baskaran Sundaram was born and raised in the small South Indian town of Thiruvidaimarudur. He studied at the University of Madras (now called Chennai). Mr. Baskaran is my grandfather on my dadís side of the family. He worked in the foreign exchange department of Canara Bank, which is a major bank in India. He married Sulochana Baskaran, my grandmother. Mr. Baskaran moved around India frequently in the work aspect, making my dad have to switch schools often. His frequent moving around India allowed him to experience the Mandal Commission protests in the 1980ís. Mr. Baskaran is a tall, balding man of a mildly serious composure. He is also a father and a grandfather of two.

I interviewed Baskaran Sundaram because he had firsthand experiences during the Mandal Commissionís implementation. I interviewed him about how he was affected by the protests, his view on the Commission, how it was formed, and the accounts of the protests. Mr. Baskaran was happy to participate in the interview and share his knowledge with me.

Mr. Baskaran answered my questions to the extent of his experiences thoroughly. His explanations of topics throughout the interview made it longer, but contributed hugely to the basis of his unique experiences. I was very happy that I could comfortably interview someone that I have known my whole life. Mr. Baskaranís experiences have taught me a great deal about social injustice in India and how it has been dealt with and accepted throughout the years.