George Westrom

As interviewed by Eli Cox, 20/3/2017
"I could see the bombs getting dropped out of the airplanes."
George Westrom

Introductory Profile: About George Westrom

I am interviewing my Great Grandpa named George Westrom. I know him because he is my Great Grandfather and I have visited him many times because he lives in Arizona. He was born in Minnesota but most of his family before him was born in Norway. He was the second person in his entire family to be born in the United States. His family owned a farm and he worked on it but despised working there. He volunteered for the air force and eventually got into the war in the army. He trained for not a long time and went into the war but wasn’t ever in any actual hand to hand combat. George got out of the war because he got really sick. After he got out of the war George decided to go to the university of Tennessee to study mathematics and engineering. Then he went to Ford Aerospace to study Rocket Science. He then later started building the rocketry that goes along with satellites. He is 94 years old now and has trouble hearing, but he is very smart.
In the interview we mainly talked about his experience in the war and training for it. We briefly covered before the war and we talked about his relationships with the other soldiers. We also covered how he felt about leaving the war. The tone of the interview was somber because world war 2 would never be thought of as happy.