Glenna M. Soirez

Ian Lin, 3/18/17
"Our base was shelled could always hear gunfire off base."
Glenna M. Soirez

Introductory Profile: About Glenna M. Soirez

I got to interview Glenna Michelle Soirez through my motherís friend. Glenna was born March 1977 and grew up in Del Rio, Texas. Glenna participated in air force junior ROTC during her high school years and went to Texas A&M for military training. She was stationed in Iraq as an aircraft maintenance officer, and worked on six special operations helicopters.

Glenna is 40 years old, has long hair, and wears glasses. Glenna is very nice and a enjoyable person to talk to. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with her son and husband and is trying to get into a career field.

During the interview, Glenna talked about her experiences in Iraq and shared her opinion on the Iraq War. She talked about being shelled nightly and her troops having issues. The tone was joyful most of the time, but sometimes it was serious. It was really cool being in the presence of an Iraq war veteran and getting to interview her about her experiences.