Saeb Salam

Shivani Regan, March 19, 2017
"...hearing bombs everyday, or not going to school once or twice a week is something that became kind of normal for me."
Saeb Salam

Introductory Profile: About Saeb Salam

I interviewed one of my fatherís closest friends Saeb Tammam Salam. He was born in 1975 during the Lebanese civil war. He spent a significant amount of his childhood in Lebanon. His grandfather was the prime minister there for a while, and a big part of his life. His father was the prime minister in Lebanon just a few years ago. He moved from Lebanon to Switzerland to the United states where he went to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He is now a father of three and a managing director in the United Arab Emirates.
Mr. Salam went into great detail with every question asked in the interview. He rarely pauses as the words simply flow right out of him in an easy to understand way. Throughout the interview, he talks about many different topics all relating one way or another to his family or life experiences. He starts by going into detail about his experiences while living in Lebanon and what it was like living in the middle of a violent and tragic war. Next he talks greatly about his grandfather, how he affected him as a person, and a little about him as prime minister. Throughout the interview, he goes on with fascinating stories from his past and how everything affected and made him a better person. Lastly, he mentions how the civil war went down, and other interesting facts relating to the war and his past.
Mr. Salam is a great man with some very interesting stories and experiences, some of which he shared with me in this interview. It was great talking to him about some of the major events of his life.