Mary Catherine Stewart Butler

As Interviewed by William Butler, March 5, 2017
"It's just now it seems impossible, but that was the norm, thats the way life was."
Mary Catherine Stewart Butler

Introductory Profile: About Mary Catherine Stewart Butler

My interviewer's name is Mary Catherine Stewart Butler, and she is my grandmother. She lives in Austin, Texas and she lives not far from my house. She was born in Austin Texas but lived in Baytown, Texas for most of her life. She is in her late 60s and is very caring. She was always fond of any race and cared for everyone.

In my interview, I interviewed her on segregation where she grew up, and how it impacted her. She explained what was going on, what her thoughts were, and how she felt towards segregation while growing up. While I interviewed her, she explained carefully and it was very detailed. It seemed easy for her to speak of segregation because it did not affect her too much. She saw it in her everyday life, and she thought it was cruel. My grandmother personally went through segregation, and it was quite an experience.