Raymond Delk

As Interviewed by Alia A, March 15, 2017
"That was the first time that I encountered a situation where I felt I had to fight for my right and it was really fighting for the right to even be discriminated against. "
Raymond Delk

Introductory Profile: About Raymond Delk

Raymond Delk is a 74 year old African American man born in Nashville, Tennessee who now lives in Austin, Texas. He is my neighbor and he and his wife are close family friends. He is a retired electrical engineer with a degree in business, father of three daughters, and very outgoing and social. Music is his passion and in his younger days he played tennis.

In his youth he lived in a community where everyone was of the same race and income status, so he didnít experience discrimination until he was eight. Segregation became an everyday part of his life. It was the time of Jim Crow laws, which led to his participation in the civil rights movement. He participated in sit-ins and other forms of silent protest and told me about his experiences. I was fascinated to learn that he is pictured in one of the 1960 sit ins. The interview was relaxed as Mr. Delk told me about his shocking experiences.

He came out of these experiences as a kind man with a positive outlook on everything. At the end of the interview Mr. Delk passed on wise words to the new generation that he thinks will keep society going in the right direction.