Courtney Santana

As Interviewed by Jessie Connolly, March 19, 2017
"I think because of this journey and this path that I was on, I have the mission."
Courtney Santana

Introductory Profile: About Courtney Santana

Courtney Santana is a woman who was abused by her husband for around 6 months. She suffered from broken eye sockets, a broken chin, bruised ribs, and a boyfriend who was planning on doing much worse. I know Courtney through my dad, he is in a group called Leadership Austin with Courtney. Leadership Austin is a group of diverse Austinites who want to make a difference in their community.
    Courtney Santana is now speaking out for victims of domestic violence who are waiting for an escape. Courtney is the founder of survive2thrive and she works hard to keep it “thriving”. Courtney is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and author. When Courtney was in a shelter after she escaped her abuse she wrote over 200 songs. Courtney is now married to her husband, Gary, and has 2 children, Kendall and Brendon. She was born in Springfield, Massachusetts; Courtney and her mom moved to Houston in 1988 for a change of scenery. Courtney now lives in Austin and is living a happy life with a loving family.
    In my interview Courtney talks about the effect that it had on her life and her children. Courtney believes that everything happened for a reason and is thankful for what happened.