John Sizlack

By Andrew Eisenhauer, February 21, 2017
""In my experience in life, usually the people that are very scared are actually very interested in it and they don’t want people to know that they like that, or, they are also going a through a “Am I having these feelings?” and “Can I accept myself with these feelings?”"
John Sizlack

Introductory Profile: About John Sizlack

My interviewee is named John Sizlack. He has been my mom’s good friend since elementary school. He is thirty-three years old and grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. When he became twenty-one, he moved to Austin, Texas. He jot a job teaching elementary school students at AISD and has been doing so ever since. He is an average height male with brown hair and blue eyes.

In my interview John Sizlack talks about his struggles with growing up in a society where being a homosexual was frowned upon and was surrounded by religious people who thought it was wrong. He also talks about how he feels about gay rights and what position they are at currently.