Shaun Lamont

as interviewed by Phoenix Lamont, march, 20 , 2016
"A lot of people are still living the way they were 3000 years ago."
Shaun Lamont

Introductory Profile: About Shaun lamont

I interviewed Shaun Lamont is a father of 3 and my dad, he was born in Papua new guinea in 1966 (age 50) to a 26 year old Ukrainian mom and a 36 year old Scottish dad. He lived in Papua new guinea until 1976 at the age of 11. He attended school there as a normal boy even know he was one of the only white people on the whole island. At the age of 11 he moved to new Zealand.

He described what new guinea was like socially and physically . he describes his house, school, friends, pets, and general life. This story shows how different the times are now in the modern era. He describes how the native people still live like they did 3000 years. Now currently living in Austin TX and moved here in 1996. Working as a software/ robotics designer.