Lois Smith

Maya Martinez, 3/6/17
"When I look back on it, I donīt look at it with sadness. I look back on tuberculosis as a learning experience. I wouldn't be who I was now if I was never diagnosed."
Lois Smith

Introductory Profile: About Lois Smith

Lois Joan Barton Smith is my 89-year-old neighbor and was a former tuberculosis patient. Born on March 26, 1928, in Berwyn, Illinois, She grew up with two brothers, and two sisters. She has lived all over Texas and the U.S. and moved to Austin in 1968. Kind and humorous, her comfortable personality puts everyone at ease. She is usually smiling, white hair and wrinkled skin contrasting with the colorful blouses she often wears.

The interview covers how being diagnosed with tuberculosis affected Lois Smith’s family, life, and emotional and physical wellbeing. Despite the sometimes-dark topics being discussed, she maintains a light, joking tone, and sheds a more positive light on her time in the sanatorium. And as she mentioned, her experiences make up who she is, good or bad.