Susan Adams

As interviewed by Jana Lassiter, March 2017
"I found that really encouraging and a testament to how every voice counts. "
Susan Adams

Introductory Profile: About Susan Adams

Susan Adams, a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby talks to me, Jana Lassiter, about several things regarding the organization that she is a part of. Susan Adams is a friend of my family and the mother of one of my friends from elementary school. She has orange hair going down to her shoulders and a bright smile that goes along with her friendly and funny personality. Susan has a humorous personality as well, which definitely made the interview I had with her a delightful experience.

While talking to Susan she tells me about experiences she has had and all about information over the organization she works within. During the interview she tells me a story about Ted Cruz's office and how they managed to set up an appointment with them when they went to lobby. She also tells me about the time when it was her first experience speaking in front of a meeting in Washington and how she was extremely nervous. Comfortably we discuss other stories and events that she has been a part of. Overall the interview with Susan Adams was definitely a good one since there was no need to be tense or awkward.