David Carlson

As Interviewed by Eliana H., March 4, 2017
"This tsunami came in, and hit the land, and destroyed many villages, and destroyed a lot of property. It also got to the nuclear reactor..."
David Carlson

Introductory Profile: About David Carlson

David Carlson is my grandfather on my mother’s side. He is 6'5" and he has grey/blonde hair. He is very intelligent and works for a company that created instruments to help clean up the nuclear spill in Fukushima. I interviewed him on the experience of working to clean up the nuclear accident. The interview went quite well and the end results were enlightening. I learned a great deal about how the disaster occurred, and what is being done about it. I have created a podcast that includes a couple of the highlights from the interview that I thought gave good storyline and information.

My interviewee explained how there was an enormous earthquake in Japan, which caused a tsunami. This tsunami destroyed the backup generators that were cooling the reactors that were damaged in the earthquake. The Japanese people used everything they could think of to provide water to cool the reactors, but the reactors eventually overheated. Unfortunately, the water that was being put into the reactors was draining into the basement of the plant. The company that Dave Carlson works for realized that they had equipment to get the contaminated water out of the basement and treat it. The company proceeded to extract the toxic radioactive elements that were polluting the water. There is still much to do, but much has been done as well. There is one particular radioactive element that still needs to be extracted, but they have come a long way from where they started.

In the interview I conducted, we discussed how exactly the tsunami affected the power plants, and how it affected the entire city. We also discussed the events that occurred at the power plant as the disaster was in effect. My interviewee explained precisely how his company was going to finish fixing the problem, and what had already been done. The interview was extremely informative, and I learned many new things. We even discussed topics such as what he thought about the debate of the usage of nuclear power. He, in fact, is in favor of nuclear power, even though there are risks. He says that there are risks with every type of power, and that there are also benefits of nuclear power that some of the other sources of energy may fail to provide. Overall, the interview went well, and I was very intrigued about the work that Dave Carlson was doing in Japan.