Gene Eisinger

As Interviewed by Megan Hart, March 20, 2017
"It was me and Tom, walking for six hours out in the dark."
Gene Eisinger

Introductory Profile: About Gene Eisinger

Gene Eisinger was 19 years old when he was sent to Vietnam as an MP in the sentry dog program. He and his dog, Mischievous Tom, spent night after night patrolling an ammunition dump in Vung Tau. The two had trained together for eight weeks before learning they were to be assigned to Vietnam. The program, housed at Lackland Air Force base, focused on creating an unshakeable bond between dog and trainer. From day one, the dog was taught to rely on and protect his handler. Handlers were responsible for every aspect of a dogs care. In return the dog defended and protected his handler under any circumstance.

After a year together, it was time for Gene to go home to the US where his new wife and the rest of his life awaited him. He found that leaving Tom behind was one of the hardest things hed had to do.