Barbara Medford

As Interviewed by Beck Sonniksen, March 17, 2017
"There were women in the military, mostly they didn’t carry guns or fight, but they generally were in services, nursing, stenographers, you know secretary like work for officers and that sorta thing."
Barbara Medford

Introductory Profile: About Barbara Medford

Barbara Medford likely isn’t a name you’ve ever heard. Born in 1935, she still has lots of memories from the mid-40s to 50s, and with her turning 82 this summer (but still in relatively great health), now is the time to learn what we can from her and her time. As my grandma, I’ve known her throughout my life. Medford’s generally upbeat, and will often trail sentences with laughter when talking. She’s fairly short in height now, with shorter faded grey hair and wrinkled skin. She was lucky enough in her young adult life to obtain a higher education, whether or not her degree in Speech at A&M was utilized. In recent years, she’s often volunteered at the Wildflower Center.

The topic of our interview was over mainly higher education in the mid to late 50s, and also how it concerned women (with them often expected to work around the house, instead). The interview was generally positive, as Barbara’s had a generally positive life. While I feel the interview steered off topic a couple of times, I feel I gained a valuable amount of information.