Martha Lewis

As Interviewed by Robby Teal, March 8, 2018
"It never occurred to us that we could be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer or anything like that."
Martha Lewis

Introductory Profile: About Martha Lewis

This is an interview about Martha Lewis, my grandma. She was born in Georgia, but grew up in Houston, Texas. Today, she still lives in Houston, Texas. She is a very nice person, very considerate, and always in good spirits.

This interview was done over the phone, and it was about the segregation of women in job opportunities in the 1960ís. The interview is somewhat serious, but educational and it provides a window into what the past was like, including what the jobs in the newspapers were like, the process for getting them, and what the jobs were like for women back then.

My grandma was excited for this interview, and it was a good experience. Overall, it was an interview on job opportunities for women in America in the 1950's and 1960ís, and what their experiences were like.