Dr. Jessica Dapper

As Interviewed by Ava Dapper, March 15, 2018
"A lot of times the poor will actually want to be discharged from the emergency department even if it isn't in their best interest because they don't have the resources to even, you know get health care."
Dr. Jessica Dapper

Introductory Profile: About Jessica Dapper

My interviewee is Dr. Jessica Dapper. She works at St. David's North Austin Medical Center as an emergency medicine physician. Dr. Dapper attended Southwestern University for undergraduate college and Texas A&M to earn her medical degree. Dr. Dapper is a very hardworking person and often works long hours, while at the same time, caring for her three children. She has short light brown hair and blue eyes. Jessica Dapper is also my loving mother and I have known her since I was born.

I interviewed Dr. Dapper about how poverty affects healthcare services and we discussed many specific memories of patients who could not pay the hospital bill and what happens in this situation. Although the setting of this interview was very informal, with many background noises, Dr. Dapper had a very professional tone and answered all my questions with detailed answers.This is a topic that affects many people around the world and I am glad I was able to understand more about it.