Miguel S.

As Interviewed by Colin Neaville, March 20th, 2018
"I believe that there is more unity now a-days. I think a lot of things were hidden behind closed doors back in their time."
Miguel S.

Introductory Profile: About Miguel S.

Miguel S. is a man of Mexican heritage whom I met because he works with my mother. Miguel was born in El Paso near the border, where he witnessed several events involving the discrimination of Mexicans. In his mid twenties, Miguel moved to Austin and found a job working at a car dealership. Luckilly, today he rarely witnesses any forms of discrimination, though he still had a story to tell me of what he had seen in the past.

Miguel and I met dressed casually, at my house on my dining room table for our interview. The interview was very relaxed and not at all tense or pressuring. He spoke with confidence as he discussed his stories,opinions, and thoughts and seemed to be able to recall the past with ease.

Overall, I feel that Miguel is glad to be able to live without witnessing any forms of discrimination, be paid equally to others in his job, and to not have to worry about his parents suffering from racism.