Barea M. Sinno

As Interviewed by Dylan Bickley, March 17, 2018
"You no longer identify with the people that you lived with, but you also donít really identify with the people in the host country."
Barea M. Sinno

Introductory Profile: About Barea Sinno

My intervieweeís name is Barea M. Sinno. I came to know her because she is one of my dadís friends. We met outside her apartment and talked some so I could get to know her experiences before the interview.

She was nice and welcoming for me to interview her and the whole thing was relatively cheery. I interviewed her about immigration because she grew up in Lebanon had to immigrate from Lebanon to Canada and is now in the process of immigrating to the USA but we only covered the Lebanon to Canada. She is also very smart and diverse because she has been many places and has gotten many degrees in world finance and other topics

The interview went very smoothly and quickly as we got through most of the questions in under 10 minutes. I am glad that I had the opportunity to do the interview and to meet her and learn so much.