Uma Devi

As Interviewed by Geetika Polavarapu, March 20, 2018
"My mother told me to marry him. So I did. "
Uma Devi

Introductory Profile: About Uma Devi

Uma Devi is a 64 old sister, mother, and grandmother. She raised me through my baby- toddler phase in a small village in India where I was taught the culture, religion, and language she grew up with. Dating, crushes, love, and marriage was never talked about. Even watching a romantic scene in films was extremely awkward as we would have to either skip that part or turn around avoiding it.

The more you resist it, the more curious you become. I was always trying figure out about my grandparents wedding as they constantly argued and their age gap was quite odd. Before this interview, any questions of her marriage and childhood were cleverly avoided.

In this podcast, I was finally able to allow my relative to open up to someone about her child marriage along with the struggles and expectations of being a girl growing up in 1950s India. Her limited education, blind obedience to her family, and the low amount of freedom or opinion females were able to have didnít only apply to her; as many children her age were going through similar experiences.