Terri Valenzuela

As Interviewed by Sophia Roberts, March 24, 2018
"When they were playing in the playoffs and winning games, to them it was just ordinary. Thatís what they did, thatís what they knew."
Terri Valenzuela

Introductory Profile: About Terri Valenzuela

My interviewee was Terri Valenzuela, who was born in El Paso Texas. She is the daughter of Andy Morales, and a very loving grandma. Andy Morales was a member of the 1949-1950 Bowie Bears, who won the first Texas High School Baseball Championship. He was put in the El Paso sports hall of fame and has been interviewed many times, and an article was written about him in a copy of Sports Illustrated.

During the interview we covered what El Paso was like during the time that my great grandfather was alive, and how the city has changed and improved. We also talked about the 1949-1950 Bowie Bears that won the championship, who the players were, and what they were like. There was a very sentimental, nostalgic,tone to this interview as we not only described the triumph of these proud Mexican American boys, but also the triumph of our family and people.