Miguel Suarez

As Interviewed X. K., March 16, 2018
"You wouldn't think that something so small could do much harm."
Miguel Suarez

Introductory Profile: About Miguel Suarez

Miguel Suarez is a tall man who worked for the homeland security investigators. He helped find and arrest criminals that were working in drug and human trafficking. I know Miguel because he is the husband of my momís best friend. (They met in elementary school.)

Miguel has saved the lives of many people from drug trafficking. Some of them have even been as young as 14! He does some really dangerous undercover work, investigations, and a lot of other things that I am not allowed to go into. He lives and was born in Texas (I really canít say too much about him because we donít want him to be hunted down.) He currently lives with his wife and two kids and is living happy.

In my interview, Miguel talks about how he saved two girls from different traffickers on his sonís birthday, and how they can manipulate the traffickers that are caught to ďrat outĒ other traffickers.