Lilian Dubon

As Interviewed by Gabriel Keller, March 16, 2018
"We knew either we were gonna be dead, like somebody would've killed us, or we were gonna get involved with gangs."
Lilian Dubon

Introductory Profile: About Lilian Dubon

When she was 13, Lilian Dubon walked nearly 1,800 miles in 57 days from Honduras to Houston. Before leaving, she had a good life, until both her parents left. Her dad owned a shop that sold security gates and metal bars for other stores, while her mom owned a restaurant. Her dad soon departed to America when his shop wasnít doing well, and the family fell apart. Before long, her mom also left to look for and soon join their dad, leaving Lilian and her siblings behind with their grandma. Unfortunately, their grandma didnít treat them very well, eventually leading to their mom finding out and telling Lilian and her siblings to walk to Texas.
This is the story about the horrors Lilian experienced in Honduras and the difficulties she faced on her trip to Texas.