Military Service:

Karri Kline

As Interviewed by Rhi Spicer, March 20, 2018
"Somebody had to do it, and I just happened to be one of the knumbskulls that decided to."
Karri Kline

Introductory Profile: About Karri Kline

Karri Kline was in her senior year of high school when she learned that the United States Naval Academy would be opening its gates to women the following year. She had come from a military family, always moving around for her father's Air Force career. Before she applied, she wanted to go to A&M to become a veterinarian or a zoologist, but her father kept nudging her back to the Academy. After a summer of intense weeding out of the weaker applicants, Kline had made it into the first class that included female students. This interview is about her emotional and physical journey through the United States Naval Academy.