Joshua Thompson

As interviewed by Adam Reisman, March 16, 2018
"I didnít start running until my freshman year of high school."
Joshua Thompson

Introductory Profile: About Joshua Thompson

I interviewed Josh Thompson, who is a runner that grew up in a small town in Nevada called Moapa Valley, which is just one hour away from Las Vegas. Josh has a big family of nine people who were all really competitive in sports. Josh started to pursue the sport of running in high school, but was not that fast. He was 4í10 going in to high school and 80 pounds. Josh, because of his religion, took two years off to go to Nicaragua to serve there. He talked to people about his religion and went around talking to locals there. Josh didnít run while he was in Nicaragua, and so therefore took a two year break from running.

For college, Josh went to Oklahoma State University. He continued the sport of running in college and had made an obvious improvement. One of the reasons the track team at OSU wanted him to run for them was because he was able to dunk a basketball, and that takes some athletic ability. After college, Josh wanted to run for Nike and asked his agents if he can run for them. Nike mostly wanted the fast people, and Josh wasnít on the top of their list. It took awhile, but eventually Nike accepted.