Frank Del Castillo

As Interviewed by Alex Kiehn, March 10, 2018
"And I can remember standing in the middle of a three lane access road, waving my hands, trying to get somebody to stop, and then I realize there is a knife in my hand, who's gonna stop for someone with a knife in their hand?"
Frank Del Castillo

Introductory Profile: About Frank Del Castillo

My uncle, Frank Del Castillo was stabbed by a hitchhiker in 1980. He was living in College Station, but often traveled to Houston. Hitchhiking was starting to decline in this time, but he never hesitated to pick up a stranger, or even be picked up by one himself. He had been repeatedly traveling from Houston to College Station late at night, and was often lonely and in need of a conversation. On one of these trips, he picked up a hitchhiker to talk with. After being in the car with him for a few minutes, my uncle decided he didn't want the man in his car and told him to get out. The man pulled out a knife and told him to turn around and drive back to Houston. Upon arriving in a bowling center parking lot, the hitchhiker stabbed my uncle and took the car. After being brought to a hospital by a man driving by, Frank recovered with barely a scar.

Surprisingly enough, this did not change my uncle's view on hitchhiking, as he even picked up another one after this incident. This was not a major event in his life, and does not think of it very often. He trusts newer companies like Uber and Lyft, even though they are very similar to hitchhiking.