Kelvin Lam

As interviewed by Kaylie Lam, 3/20/18
"There was no hope for us, we know we were the bottom of society and had no chance of getting anywhere."
Kelvin Lam

Introductory Profile: About Kelvin Lam

In this interview, Kelvin explains how communism had affected his childhood. He explains how the support of his family, especially his sister, helped him get through the tough times. His family lost everything when the communists in the north started to take over the south. Their family experienced extreme poverty where they sometimes they wouldn’t have food to eat or any money. The girls had to learn how to cook, clean, and sew to help their mom. The boys had to learn how to be handy around the house at a young age. They didn’t have any hope, until Kelvin’s oldest sister escaped and made it to America.

Kelvin Lam is my father. He was born in 1971 and grew up in Vietnam during the war. He grew up with six sisters and two brothers. Kelvin is a short man with brown eyes and black hair.