My Grandfather

As Interviewed by Tyler B., March 16, 2018
"It probably had a lot to do with who I am today."
My Grandfather

Introductory Profile: About My Grandfather

My grandpa flew in the Vietnam War for seven years, six of the years in a cargo plane, flying from McGuire Air Force Base. He started in a propellor plane, the C1-24 then later transferred to a 4 engine jet C1-41 cargo plane. With these two planes alone, he flew for about 5,000 hours. My grandpa was a navigator, behind the front seat, directing and teaching new pilots. During his time in the military, he spent time throughout Saigon, (now part of Vietnam) Cam Ranh Bay, and other places in southeast Asia.
It isn’t easy to take the news that you’ve been assigned a dangerous mission, especially when the last people to attempt it have either died, or become prisoners of war. But that was what was asked of my grandfather. Get your stuff together, you leave tomorrow morning. Times like this will make you question your life, replaying all the experiences you’ve had through your head. “That probably had a lot to do with who I am today,” he said.