Cassandra Carr

As Interviewed by Claire W., March 9, 2018
"The people we had sent to run it, a couple of men, we were in a meeting with the chairman, and I presented this scenario, that things were about to fall apart. They denied it because they were the people in charge, and the CEO listened to them. And it fell apart. And later it fell apart!"
Cassandra Carr

Introductory Profile: About Cassandra Carr

Cassandra Carr lives in San Antonio, Texas. She worked at SBC, now called AT&T, as a part of the management. She began working there in 1967 as a management trainee and became one of the company’s vice presidents in 1988. She was the vice president of 4 different areas in the company before retiring in 2002. She now occasionally works as a private consultant for non- profit organizations.

Cassandra is my great- aunt. She is a very energetic and thoughtful person, as well as funny, carefree, and generous. She is tall with short, dark brown hair and loves the San Antonio Spurs, a basketball team.

During the interview, we mainly talked about the changing role of women in the workplace and her experiences as a working woman when the roles of working women were changing, and the way she sees the role of women now in the workplace. It was a very light and funny conversation and we laughed a lot. I never knew my great- aunt had so many funny stories from her time at SBC.