Vonti Bright

As Interviewed by Ruby Sulter, March 20, 2018
"We were almost treated as if we were prostitutes."
Vonti Bright

Introductory Profile: About: Vonti Bright

I interviewed Vonti Bright, a immigrant from Liberia. I first met Vonti in a photoshoot for a modern african print company called Shavanthe, and I learned that she also recently started working in the same building as my mom. Vonti is shy at first, but comes out as a truly bright character once you get to know her.

In this interview we covered how Immigration discrimination affected her as a person, and the stories that came along with it. In the interview you can clearly see the type of fighter Vonti has always been, and how she stood up for herself. This was a very fun and friendly interview, and is perfect for any open ears. Thank you Vonti for sharing your story.