Kellsey Stokes

As Interviewed by Aidan Stokes, March 18, 2018
"They couldn’t understand that the Mafia was not a norm for any of us."
Kellsey Stokes

Introductory Profile: Kellsey Stokes

In the year of 1997, Kellsey Stokes was a junior at Davidson College, and part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. That summer, she went and lived in Ukraine to provide an intensive english-speaking experience for a group of students studying the language. She and other Americans from ICF stayed in Kiev and Odessa, but only in Odessa did the Americans stay with their Ukrainian roommates.

In this interview, Kellsey talks about her experiences in Ukraine. She talks about how when the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine became unstable, most of the people barely scraping by. Then, she talks about how in this power vacuum, the Mafia grew and managed to gain control of parts of Ukraine, including Odessa, where she stayed for a month.

A quick note: Inga and Olga were Kellsey's Ukrainian roommates. Misha, both Yulias, Inga, Olga and Oksana were some of the Ukrainian students that participated in the intensive, english speaking experience.