Mohamad Elhagehassan

As Interviewed by Ali Elhagehassan, March 17, 2018
"I remember I came here with only 300 dollars."
Mohamad Elhagehassan

Introductory Profile: About Mohamad Elhagehassan

My interviewee’s name is Mohamad Elhagehassan. Mohamad Elhagehassan is my dad who had to struggle in order to come to the great country of America. Mohamad was born in Schmustar, Lebanon and moved to America after one year in Lebanese college at age 19. He has 5 brothers, 2 sisters, a mother, and a father. Mohamad is 5’6” with broad shoulders and thick arms. He usually has a straight expression but usually is a very fun person.

As Mohamad explained the struggles of his immigration to come to America we hear the main motivation of coming and its not what you think it is. He goes over how he had nothing coming to America and had to get his greencard the hard way with nobody to help him. Mohamad explains all this with an easy, lightgoing voice trying to get the full story out. I am very happy I interviewed Mohamad because I learned plenty of things that I didn't know before.