Ben Dowell

As Interviewed by Ben Carcasi, March 18, 2018
"Well, I donít think racism in any form is good, but personally, I would rather live somewhere where its blatant instead of where it's insidious and not clearly stated."
Ben Dowell

Introductory Profile: About Ben Dowell

I know the Ben Dowell through our family connection through my mom's side. Ben Dowell worked as a human resource manager for most where he improved equality for females and African Americans in his workplace. Ben Dowell is an older white man who is very supportive of equal rights, Heís extremely kind and he as a soft, calm personality.

I interviewed Ben Dowell over his opinions on racial discrimination, sexism, and extremism (got a little off topic).The interviewís feeling is overall relaxed do too my past relationship before the interview, though some parts are serious. In conclusion, I interviewed Ben Dowell, who worked as a human resource manager, about discrimination.