Ram Mohan Balachandran

As Interviewed by Nina Balachandran, March 17, 2018
"I think in an ideal world, people getting advanced degrees from foreign countries should be automatically allowed to be able to migrate to the U.S."
Ram Mohan Balachandran

Introductory Profile: About Ram Mohan Balachandran

My interviewee is Mr. Ram Balachandran. He prefers to go by ‘Mohan’ and was born in Mumbai, India on November 21, 1969. He became a National Merit Scholar, and went to the Indian Institute of Technology, before going to Brown University. He has a degree in physics, but got into financial business. Mr. Balachandran now lives in Austin, Texas, and now works at the Texas Teachers Retirement System.

Mohan Balachandran is of Indian descent, and is darker skinned. He wears glasses most of the time because he is far-sighted. He is 6 foot 1 inch, with grayish brown hair. Mr. Balachandran is very intelligent and kind, but also firm and works hard to succeed yet enjoy in his career. He enjoys playing tennis, squash, and loves German Shepherds.

I know Ram because he is my father, and I have known him for almost 13 years. Mr. Balachandran emigrated from India to America at age 21 for an education at Brown University. Therefore he told the story of his childhood leading to the immigration process, and how it affected his lifestyle. He is very calm, and recalls specific memories he has made on his journey. He is a very interesting person with an uncommon story.

*This interview was recorded on a boat and thus created a humming noise in the background.