Jessica Mols

As Interviewed by Maxine F, March 17, 2018
"So our job in KIND is to try to find pro Bono attorneys to represent these children in their deportation proceedings and try to find a way for them to stay in the United States with a type of lawful status. "
Jessica Mols

Introductory Profile: About Jessica Mols

I interviewed Jessica Mols about her work at an organization called Kids in need of Defense or KIND. She is my dadís first cousin. She lives in Boston, one of the headquarters of KIND. She has slightly wavy dark brown hair. She is married and has two young daughters. She is a pro bono lawyer training attorneys for KIND. She won the Cooley Pro Bono Award in 2011. Jessica is a graduate of Scripps College.

Jessica Mols is very motivated to help kids after seeing what they go through.
We talked about how she felt while working there and about some of the kids she worked with. We touched on some issues of immigration and violence from the kids home countries. We also talked about immigration in general.She was very open and willing to talk about her experiences.