Connie Lane

As Interviewed by Arlo McGill, March 18, 2018
"And back then women didn't work after they had children, they stayed home and took care of the house and the kids and that was their job."
Connie Lane

Introductory Profile: About Connie Lane

Connie lane, my grandmother, lives in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with her husband. She has done many great things in her life, and is still helping her community. She has overcome many social boundaries in her life, and inspired all in her wake.

She and a salesman from her old company that made kitchen cabinets created their own company. The company designed software to make a 3d model of the kitchen and cabinets, so that people could put them together. While she coded most of the Basic (a primitive programming language), the salesmen sold the product. The second company was a training materials company that taught people how to use office programs, like wordstar, wordperfect, and 123 lotus.