Kate Thephavithy

As interviewed by: Sophia Pannell, March 18
"I remember I was able to walk so we walked for a long time and we almost got caught and if we would've got caught we would've been shot and killed."
Kate Thephavithy

Introductory Profile: About Kate Thephavithy

Kate Thephavithy is my mother. She has three brothers and five sisters so she was a child of nine. She has one child and that is me. She was born in ~. My mother is the most caring person for her loved ones. She might be very judgemental and insecure of people sometimes but thatís only because she doesnít want me to get hurt. I know that she cares deeply for me because she is always worrying about me and my well being. It might be annoying at times because she nitpicks at every wrong I do but I know itís because she wants me to grow up to be a successful and beautiful young lady.

Many laotians immigrated to America because of the change of government and because of the Vietnam War. They were so scared and many were very young like my mother. When she got to America she lived in Michigan at first where she went to school. She was so scared and didnít know how to read or write english. But the people there were so kind and understanding and never bullied my mom. She said that her experience was extremely scary but it was also very exciting as well. She had so many good memories like playing with her brothers and sisters in the house and eating blueberries from their garden.