Jill Schmidt

As Interviewed by Daniel Jordan, March 20, 2018
"And I got really fed up with it one day, so i stood up and yelled 'I'm not contagious!'"
Jill Schmidt

Introductory Profile: About Jill Schmidt

Jill Schmidt was my interviewee. She was very straightforward and open about sensitive topics, and she was very polite and honest during the interview.

She has two sons named PJ and Erin, both of whom are in their forties. The interview covered the topics of LGBTQ rights, specifically transgender rights, along with a religious (Christian) point of view. Jill grew up Christian, and has held Christian beliefs all her life. She spoke about the conflicts presented by the teachings of her religion and the person she person she believed herself to be.

I got to know Jill because PJ and Erin are my stepfatherís friends. She is in her mid-60ís, born in the late-50ís, and has a casual and comfortable demeanor. She is a transgender male, from male to female transition. She has gone through some social issues, along with religious challenges, as a result of her gender reassignment. She has since learned to constructively deal with these problems, and now leads a peaceful life in retirement.