Mirriam Seddiq

As interviewed by H.F, March 18, 2018
"These are people that have a right to be in this country, they have green cards. They've been in this country for ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years. They have jobs, they have houses, they have kids. They weren't letting them come in, they were sending them back on planes."
Mirriam Seddiq

Introductory Profile: About Mirriam Seddiq

The person that I interviewed for Firsthand History was Mirriam Seddiq. I came to know her through my dad, who is friends with her. She immigrated to the United States when she was 18 months old. She is now a lawyer who lives in Massachusetts. She works with immigrants and also on many other topics. Mirriam has two kids and enjoys spending time with them. She is pretty and has dark hair. When President Trump signed the muslim ban, she went to the nearby airport and helped people that were being held. I interviewed her in my room through the phone. The interview was casual and friendly. She is a member of several organizations that help immigrants. She is a member of an association against the death penalty.

I asked her about her work surrounding immigrants, and President Trumpís muslim ban. I asked about her work at her local airport, Dulles, when Trump released the Muslim Ban. I also asked her about the view of certain topics concerning the Immigrants in general. The interview also included her opinion on several of President Trumpís views. In the interview she also voiced her opinion on some of the border control situations the recent executive laws.

The interview went really well and I was really happy with what I got out of the interview. I hope you like the podcast.