James O'Neill

As Interviewed by Jake M., March 1, 2018
"But there wasn't anything we could do about it."
James O'Neill

Introductory Profile: About James O’neil

My interviewee’s name is James O’neil; but I call him pop. I know him because he is my grandfather. I have known him since before I can remember. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He has lived there for a long time. He lives in a quiet community with other old people. He and his wife Susan have their own house. They just moved, only down the street, and got a bigger lot. He and his wife have huge plans for a massive garden; and they invited me this summer to help; after all even if they can move, they are old and need help with the backbreaking work.

James grew up near New York City, and became a doctor. He has been a surgeon for sixty years. He loves to go to africa and operate therefore they have very little healthcare. It makes him very happy to help people in need.

James is 87 years old. He has very little hair, and what is left is white. He has a dent in the top of his head where he got melanoma, a type of cancer, which he got removed surgically. His skin is also very wrinkled. He is 5’6’’.

In the interview the broad topic was slavery. He moved into Nashville fifteen years before segregation was abolished. Mostly we talked about how the public felt about segregation. We talked a little about where slavery was still happening, and a little about what the public did to abolish segregation. Overall the mood was happy as James was talking mostly about how segregation was abolished. Overall it was great to learn about how most people did not agree with segregation at the end and I learned a tremendous amount.