Ingrid Kokinda

As interviewed by Otter Kokinda, March 16th, 2018
"And I noticed a sign in the window, 'No Blacks Served Here.'"
Ingrid Kokinda

Introductory Profile: About Ingrid Kokinda

Ingrid Kokinda was born in Germany and she grew up in Oldenburg. She was a refugee during World War II. She moved to the US after she married an American GI. She is the mother of my father, my grandmother. She is currently working as a tour guide. She is now 79 years old. My grandmother is full of energy despite her age, and is willing to talk to anybody about anything.

The main topic we talked about was Civil Rights after the war. The tone of the interview was happy, but got more serious as it progressed to the part about the Civil Rights.

The interview was really fun to do, and I learned a lot about my grandmother too. My grandmother equally was excited about the interview, because it gave her a chance to tell somebody about her experiences.

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