Rebecca M.

As Interviewed by Riley C., March 12, 2018
"I felt so sorry for those parents. To see their children discriminated against and treated meanly was very, very hard."
Rebecca M.

Introductory Profile: About Rebecca M.

Rebecca M is my grandma and she is in her mid sixties. She comes to my house a lot and I go to hers because she also lives in Austin. My grandma grew up in Louisiana and also lived in Colorado for some time. After that she moved to Texas to be closer to my family. She has a husband, four kids, and seven grandkids. Rebecca worked as a teacher for most of her life and worked in real estate. She is retired now. Rebecca is caucasian and of european descent. She has short, blond hair, has an olive skin tone, hazel eyes, and is about five feet and four inches. Rebecca is an active grandma who exercises, wake surfs, does yoga, and skis.

The interview took place in my house and was probably more informal than formal. During the interview Rebecca talks about her life when she was growing up and what ways people were discriminated in because of their race. Growing up in the South during the 1950ís and 60ís her school was segregated. Rebecca talks about how she feels about civil rights and how it impacted her and her community. She helped me see what it was like to be growing up during that time. Rebecca made it easy to have a conversation with so the interview went well and was very thoughtful. I was so glad I could interview my grandma for this project and I had a good time doing it. I thank her for taking the time to talk with me and share part of her life.