Michelle A

As interviewed by Ali A., March 21, 2018
"Organizations like this make sure they don't get left behind."
Michelle A

Introductory Profile: About Michelle A.

I interviewed my -- mother Michelle A. -- who’s a very active volunteer and helper of the community. She volunteered for Meals On Wheels in Texas. Her job and community was very involved in volunteering and encouraged her to volunteer. While travelling all over the city, she gained new skills and memories, and she learned more about her community. But it wasn't all fun and games -- she helped people deal with many issues including poverty and the struggles of having a disability.

Meals on Wheels’ focus was to help the elderly and home-bound, but they also helped people who were struggling financially. She gave food and provided care to those who needed it. Out of all of her experience she gained happiness by knowing she made a difference in people's’ lives.