M. Polk

As Interviewed by Clara C., March 10, 2018
"This conversation would not even have been possible when I was in 7th grade. It would have been, just inconceivable. It would have been considered probably dangerous for a 7th grader to be around somebody who was gay."
M. Polk

Introductory Profile: About M. Polk

M. Polk is a 43 year-old woman who grew up in El Paso, Texas. Throughout her life, she has lived in many cities in Texas and often travels abroad to teach geography. Not only is she a professor of Geography but she is additionally very influential in publicizing global warming and its effects all over the world. She travels frequently to Peru for research but most of the time she stays in her house in Austin with her wife, Agnes.

When M. Polk moved to Houston, she met my mom and many of her friends. They are now a close group of friends, so I often see M. Polk and her wife and have known them both since I was born. Because of this, I have gotten to know them, and always enjoy their company.

M. Polk came out as a lesbian when she was 26 after meeting Agnes. Like many members of the LGBTQ community, she has faced many experiences that relate specifically to her being a lesbian.

I knew her well and knew of her experiences as a lesbian, so I decided that M. Polk would be a great person to interview to discuss struggles with social justice and acceptance. Recently I met with M. Polk to learn more about her experiences and social justice challenges

After hearing her stories and thoughts about how different things were when she was young, and how being gay or lesbian was seen in that time as “dangerous” or “mental,” I learned just how recently the changes in acceptance of the LGBTQ community have really been made.

M. Polk also shared many important ideas about our culture’s acceptance of the LGBTQ community. We discussed stories in which she felt worried she wouldn’t be accepted and we talked about why it is so hard for our society to change terms to finally accept newer ideas such as equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

We wrapped up the conversation with a discussion of how the government has just made a big change by passing laws that allow gay marriage. This drastically helped M. Polk, and allowed her and her wife Agnes to marry.