Nell Edgington

As Interviewed by Henry Edgington, March 16, 2018
"As a woman, you know that stuff goes on all the time; you've been sexually harassed, you've seen friends that have been, it's just sort of known. But you never thought anything would really change."
Nell Edgington

Introductory Profile: About Nell Edgington

Nell Edgington is a hardworking mom from Minnesota that has her own business in Austin. She works in the nonprofit sector as a business consultant, and she has worked with some fairly large companies. Nell Edgington is also my mother, and she is a women’s rights activist ever since she created a feminist club at her high school. Lately she has magnified her support for the widespread #metoo and feminist movements by hosting an all-women council at her house.

In our interview, we talked about her thoughts on how women’s rights had changed over her lifetime and on her many business trips to other states and countries. She explained that overall, she is very excited with the current direction that women’s rights is going, except for the president, who she says is a “bad example of how women can be treated.” Our interview really enlightened me about the perspective of women like my mother all over the country and the world.