Xixi Chen

As Interviewed by Sophie Sun, March 22, 2018
"Eleven and six year olds were starting stoves in their houses to cook so that they could save food tickets for their parents."
Xixi Chen

Introductory Profile: About Xixi Chen

Xixi Chen, my mother, was born in 1973 near the end of the Cultural Revolution in China. She has one brother and is currently 44 years-old and married with one child. Xixiís family mostly lives in China, but she and one of her cousinís families also live in Austin.

She came to the United States after attending college in China, and she has lived in the US for the last twenty years. After coming to the United States, she attended Duke for her Masterís Degree and got her PhD at Baylor College of Medicine. She specializes in neurophysiology and has been a neuroscientist for most of her adult life. Xixi has a slim figure and is an easygoing person with a happy personality as well.

This interview is about the Cultural Revolution in China. Many of her family members were greatly affected because of this. Her cousins were only 11 and 6 years old when they were separated from their parents, and some people didnít have as good of an education as her. She didnít fully experience the Cultural Revolution, but she saw and understood the effects and how bad it really was once it ended.