Jianmei Wu

Crystal Ying, March 18, 2018
"I don't understand why he treated the other neighbors so differently from us."
Jianmei Wu

Introductory Profile: Introduction: About Jianmei Wu

Jianmei Wu has black hair, a round, friendly face and dark brown eyes. She is also my mother. My mom immigrated to the U.S. from China around twenty years ago with her husband (my dad) in search of a better future for herself and her future children.

My mother grew up in China with her parents and five siblings. They didn’t have much money, but she still managed to be the best in all her classes. When she married my dad, they decided to move to America.

I interviewed her about her experiences moving to America and the challenges she faced while moving and after she had reached America. I learned a lot about her and the hardships she went through when she moved.