Lida Huang

As Interviewed by Alex Huang, March 10, 2018
"Me, as an officer, I need to be forearmed, day and night, and with a combat suit, even during sleep."
Lida Huang

Introductory Profile: About Lida Huang

I, Alex Huang, interviewed my dad, Lida Huang, about his experiences in the Taiwanese military. My interviewee was born and raised in Taiwan before moving to the U.S. for university in the 2000s. He is very passionate about the Taiwanese culture and history, and he retells many of his experiences and knowledge regarding that in the interview.

My interviewee is about average height with black hair. Usually, his personality is pretty serious, however in this interview, his voice always had an underlying tone of amusement. During the time he was enlisted in the military, the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis was happening, so his experiences and point of view on the subject is really interesting.